This innovative firefighting device allows  for extinguishing fires efficiently, reducing both cost and time of extinction.

“Orballo” is particularly suitable for use from air assets efficiently.

In the last years, forest fires have produced serious consequences to people and their property as well as to the environment in Spain. Broadly speaking, we can say that the cost of fire fighting and prevention in Spain amounts to approximately the  significant figure of € 450 million per year. Moreover, the average area burned per year in Spain, without distinguishing between types of vegetation, is about 150000 hectares.  From the economical viewpoint,therefore,  each hectare burned costs us about € 3.000, making it necessary to find a solution.

The current models frequently used,  such as the helicopter bucket, are showing gaps that we can solve and improve with the Orballo system.

Helicopter buckets are made  of flexible and foldable materials used as an external load and, once deployed, are filled by dipping in lakes, reservoirs and dams. The contents, between 500 and 4500 liters are discharged all at once time onto the place of the fire causing the following disadvantages:

  1. High fuel costs, as the helicopters have to circle continuously to refill the bucket.
  2. Danger to people that are in the place of extinction due to the force with which a large amount of water is  discharged at one time.
  3. The surface area onto which the water is poured is very small and you cannot attack the fire at its origin.
  4. For helicopters the  bucket creates a “dirty”flight configuration  with its consequent risks, as there is a lot of dead weight hanging at the mercy of weather and environmental phenomena that destabilize the aircraft.