Orballo overcomes the disadvantages of the devices currently used in fire suppression, increasing the efficiency and performance of air assets when fighting fires (forest, industrial, urban, etc.), reducing both  time and financial cost employed in extinction. Orballo is  placed inside a helicopter (or any other aircraft) inside which there is a water reservoir and at least one reel attached to it.  Which are its main competitive advantages?:

  1.  Reduces costs in both fuel and time, as pilots will not need to travel continuously to re-fill it.
  2. Eliminates the risk for people on the ground as the water is sprayed with the desired intensity.
  3. Extends the area over which water is poured and increases the effectiveness of any chemical products used to enhance extinction.
  4. Allows the option of selecting the number of irrigation arms are used at one time. This is especially relevant in cases of urban or industrial fires where it may be necessary to introduce an extinguishing agent from a window, balcony or similar.
  5. Its extinguishing system with water spray, reduces the impact on the burned soil, minimizing the erosion and facilitating the repopulation of the burned area.

Orballo optimizes existing systems by enabling fire-fighting efforts  from above and from inside the fire-stricken area with the  the spraying of water and / or chemical products anywhere that is accessible by aircraft